Andy Miller Portfolio
A Lifelong Passion
Since acquiring his BFA in sculpture from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1998, Andy has dedicated his life to the creation, handling and management of artworks and cultural assets. As the owner and operating manager of AMPA, Andy Miller continues to create unique artworks for personal and professional projects. 

Previously the owner of Miller Interpretive Design, Inc., Andy has been designing, fabricating and installing public and fine art as well as metal architectural elements for 20 years.  An accomplished artist himself, Andy has won two "Best of Westword" awards for sculpture. 

Andy creates large-scale sculpture utilizing various materials, including metals, neon, vinyl, pearls, horsehair, sheep wool, animal skin and other materials. He has been a finalist for four public art commissions and has exhibited widely in the Denver Metro Area. 

“I engage in a whimsical play on scale in my artwork; asking the viewer to consider the signs and symbols of their everyday experiences as art. By integrating materials and concepts relevant to the project theme, my pieces create opportunities for the passerby to reflect and be inspired.”
Andy Miller - Owner of AMPA 
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