It's not over until it's up

The installation stage in an artworks journey is often the most important, as it determines the way the artwork will be viewed for the duration of its life in the current space - whether that be a permanent home or an exhibition or event. 

AMPA has been handling and installing artworks for over 30 years, with experience in all manner of media and mounting scenarios. We are experts in creative solutions to mounting challenges including custom rigging and lighting/electrical, and can handle power tools and/or machinery for specialized access scenarios or oversized pieces/elements.

AMPA consistently partners with leading art institutions around the Denver area for exhibitions and displays including being sole contracted installer for the Clyfford Still Museum, working for 5 years for the Denver Botanic Gardens and in 2019, with Art 2C on Havana Street annual sculpture exhibition in Aurora, CO. For 5 years we installed hundreds of artworks for Centurylink around the country.
David Griggs at Lowry Center 

Our installations go far beyond nails in a wall. We can provide infrasctructure and support for all manner of artworks including but not limited to the list below:

Handling, assembly and mounting of all manner of sculptural works including wood sculptures and reliefs, bronze figures and monuments and ceramic artworks both large and small, and many more media.

Mounting or grounding of plaques, signage and/or labeling - we can even help design the best way for this to be done down to fabricating the elements or display mechanisms ourselves.

Installation, mounting or placement of stonework and concrete including foundation and grouting elements.

Installation of glass artworks and panes.

Installation and/or fabrication of architectural and interior design elements including necessary infractructure in existing spaces for the purpose of securing a specific artwork.

Installation/mounting including wiring and electrical for lighting fixtures and elements including chandeliers, neon, lit artworks, and lamps.

Installation of 2D works including drawings, paintings, tapestries, and mirrors in any access scenario including securing onto non-penetrable surfaces.
Andy installing at Clyfford Still Museum 

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Doug Wilson at Arvada Center 

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