Meet the Team
Andy Miller
Andy Miller is an accomplished artist, designer and fabricator with a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Colorado at Denver in 1998. Andy has been designing, fabricating and installing public and fine art as well as metal architectural elements for nearly 20 years, working with all manner of design and construction professionals to produce innovative designs. Over his career, he has built nearly 100 large-scale artworks and over 200 architectural elements.

Andy leads AMPA's art services and fabrication teams with exceptional handling expertise in every medium from stone, metal, and wood, to glass, fiberglass, plaster, paintings, ceramics and more. 

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Natalie Becker
Natalie came to the AMPA team straight from Brooklyn with a BA in Fine Arts from Bard College and 3 years of experience in the art industry including gallery management, operations, administration and project coordination.

Natalie is new to the Denver area and when not working or exploring the city she enjoys cuddling with her kittens, reading and writing poetry.

Natalie leads all project coordination/ logistical planning ventures, as well as marketing, business development and administrative duties from the AMPA office.
Office Manager/
Project Coordinator
Damon Pierce
Damon Pierce is an experienced metal worker, who has been working with Andy in for over 10 years. Damon is also a alented registered nurse.

Damon frequently runs point both in the shop and on-site, and his extensive abilities in welding, fabrication, design, finishes, construction and execution make him an invaluable member of the team.

Damon enjoys long rides on his motorcycle and down time with his cats.
Lead Technician
Alexander Ablola
Alexander Ablola is an art handler, fashion designer and photographer who participates actively in the Denver creative scene.

He has a BFA in Fashion Design from RMCAD, in addition to years of experience with art packing, maintenance and installations. His advanced experience with materiality makes him an excellent technician and craftsmen.

His latest project "Desert of the Real" featuring clothing from his label Mars on Scorpio just closed at Union Hall, images and additional work are available to view on his instagram accounts @ alexander.ablola and @ _marsinscorpio_
Associate Technician
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Charlie Robbins
Charlie Robbins is a Designer/Fabricator with
a BS in Industrial Design From Metropolitcan State University Denver. His main focus is on metal fabrication and sculptural design. With a large swath of experience and always ready to learn something new, Charlie is continually developing his skill set. He is fond of Ireland, his cats and Sour Patch Kids.

You can check out some of his work on Instagram @ Pandavikinglove. Keep an eye out for his website, which will be launching soon.
Associate Technician
Dave Seiler
Dave Seiler has been an art handler and exhibit preparator with 20 years of experience, he has been involved with AMPA for over 10 years on many projects. Dave’s field of expertise is installation, handling art works of various sizes and mediums, lighting, condition reporting, the proper storage of art works and building of crates for shipping.

Dave is a working artist with a BFA from MSU Denver in 1995, who works in a wide range of
materials in the multidisciplines of sculpture, ceramic, drawings, paintings, casting iron, viewer interactive sculpture and photography.

Dave moved to Denver in 1984 from Michigan for some real skiing, he enjoys riding a bike
around town, skiing of course and going to galleries and museum to check out more art.

Associate Technician
Our expansive network of arts professionals enables AMPA to put together project-specific teams that utilize a broad range of expertise in every area of our services offered: art handling, public art fabrication, fine art appraisals and conservation, cultural event and exhibition planning, logistics and transportation.
​Dale Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens